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Moss Point High School destroyed by Hurricane Katrina
In the year 2005, the golf coast (hit) by one of the worst hurricanes in the history of the United States of America. Kathrina (cause ) a lot of damage.
Hundreds of thousands of students (lose) their schools to this hurricane. Laura from Moss Point, Mississippi, was one of them. Her High School (destroy), too.
After the catastrophe an interview (give) by the headmaster of her school:
“This is a very bad situation. The school building (can/not/use) any more. It (destroy) now. So we (can/not/hold) school this week or maybe even this month. Another buliding (must/find) where we (can/teach) our students. And I am sure that a new school building (find) soon. Even if it is not easy because most of the big buildings in the city (destroy). The school (should/rebuild) as soon as possible.”
Today, two years later, a lot of work (do). Most of the buildings, the streets and the parks (rebuild) now. And the workers (finish) Moss Point High School next month. Life is almost back to normal.