Reflexive Pronouns, "each other", "one another" 2

Gapfill exercise

Enter a reflexive pronoun, "each other", "one another" or "-" (when you don't need any of the afore mentioned words)

When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button.

1. I think he hurt when he was playing football.
3. Did you remember what I said?
4. I’d like to introduce . I’m Tom.
5. After two minutes the machine switches off.
6. That teacher is awful. I’ll go to the headmaster to complain .
7. Boy, I’m tired. I have to lie down.
8. There were too many people in that room and they all talked to .
9. Thanks! I had a great time. I enjoyed .
10. Are Mike and Mika in love? They’re always looking at .
11. Just relax . It’s not as bad as you thought.
12. It was a fantastic party. We had the house to .
13. We were both unfair, so we both said sorry to .
14. I don’t feel so well. Perhaps I should sit down for a while.
15. My sister and her friends always talk to via “skype”.
16. When I came into the room, there were four people and they all talked, but only to . That was strange!