if sentences (type 1)

Gapfill exercise

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Tom wants to rob a bank. There are five security guards, twenty guard dogs and a steel safe. Tom has got drugged meat for the dogs and he has got his friend Monica. She is wearing a short skirt and a low-cut blouse. This is the plan:

If Monica (talk) to the guards, they (forget) to look at the video screens. If the guards (not/ look) at the screens, Tom (be able) to climb the wall. If Tom (climb) the wall, the dogs (try) to attack him. Tom (give) the drugged meat to the dogs if they (attack) him. If the dogs (eat) the meat, they (fall) asleep. If the dogs (fall) asleep, Tom (enter) the bank. He (look) for the safe if he (get) in the bank. If he (find) the safe, he (use) dynamite to open it. If Tom (open) the safe, he (take) all the gold. If there (be) a huge explosion, the guards (hear) it. The guards (arrest) Tom, if he (not/ escape) quickly. If Tom (get) out of the bank in time Monica (drive) him to a waiting plane. Tom and Monica (be) rich if that plan (work) .