Past Simple or Past Perfect

Gapfill exercise

Enter your answers in the gaps. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button.
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Remember: Past Perfect is used to express that something happened BEFORE something else in the past!
Mike (be) very tired because he (work) hard all day.
He fell asleep on the train home and (not/ wake up) until after the train (arrive) in France.
He got off the train in Paris. He (feel) very hungry because he (not/ eat) since breakfast so he went into a restaurant.
After he (finish) his meal, he (talk) to the waitress. Her name was Michelle.
After she (finish) work, he (meet) her and they went to the cinema.
However, Mike (not/ understand) a word because he (never/ learn) French.
Michelle (be) very shy because she (never/ have) a boyfriend before.
Mike (be) also very shy because he (not/ see) such a beautiful girl before.
In the end, Mike (decide) to stay in Paris because he (fall) in love with Michelle.
So Tom (be) lucky that he (fall) asleep on the train, wasn't he?